Yes we have the degrees and experience to grow successful businesses, but let’s talk people, share stories and discuss true passion. These are the things that create lasting results.
About Us
Brothers Chace and Philip Johnson grew up in the cold Minnesota tundra and spent the highly anticipated summers in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. While building camp fires and playing pond hockey, they often discussed the idea of starting a business together one day. That vision had to be altered when Chace’s life was cut short (

With Chace no longer here in the flesh, Philip’s plan shifted. He has dedicated the business to his brother by name and more importantly in the legacy he’d set out to carry forward.

Through the period in which Chace battled for his life and ultimately lost his earthly body to cancer, Philip struggled with the heartache of losing his best friend. And while it was hard to see his brother so sick, he was often, also, overcome with a sense of hope. That hope came from Chace's optimism and tenacity to fight for his life through insurmountable trials. Chace was not only a source of hope, he was ultimately the person who drove Philip to come out of this period of life with a changed perspective on what success looks like and how one can attain it.

Philip learned that in order to do better and grow something (including his career), vulnerability would be imperative. Vulnerability to have hope in difficult circumstances, vulnerability to pursue ideas that go against the grain and vulnerability to show up when we're not certain on what the outcome will be.

Chace Equity was founded on this legacy. We believe long-term value can only be created by building a strong foundation of humility and respect with our partners. Listening with an open mind and then taking what we learn to cultivate real, salt-of-the-earth relationships. This above and beyond the credentials we have, is what we believe will take our business and our partners to the next level.

Businesses are really just a culmination of human lives bonded for a common goal. They will inevitably experience highs and lows, new opportunities and daunting challenges. We are a partner to navigate these experiences with and come out the other side stronger than before.

Philip has spent nearly his entire career working with small and medium sized businesses to help them grow and solve operational challenges. Entrepreneurship and a drive to do better are characteristics engrained in Philip’s DNA. From his first entrepreneurial endeavor (i.e. lemonade stand) to starting his own business. Philip has a passion for finding ways to improve what’s already been done through innovation and partnerships.

Philip has founded, worked in, managed or served on the board of directors of several private businesses in a variety of industries including manufacturing, business services, distribution and technology. He has also served non-profits and faith-based organizations, and understands the needs and challenges of the employees, the managers and the business owners. He understands that an organization doesn’t thrive unless everyone is doing their part and working toward a specific definable goal.



• We are the first to admit that we don’t have it all figured out. We also know that you know your business better than we ever will.
• Our intent is to compliment your business goals with a strong support network of individuals, resources and tools which can take your vision much further than doing it alone.
• We’ve developed and continue to develop a deep network of relationships with people we consider partners in creating value for the businesses we preserve.


• We believe listening and leaving any biases at the door are key to identifying opportunities and growing.
• We know that a change of ownership can be one of the most important decisions in a company’s, family’s and individual’s life. We believe we must listen to understand the needs of the owner and what transition plan you believe could be most successful.


• We believe it is foundational that who we say we are and what we say we’ll do is the truth.
• We believe that setting the strategic direction in collaboration with business owners well before an investment is established, allows owners to know exactly what we envision making a reality with their business post investment.
• We believe operational improvements can only be successful by building on yours and our past successes and lessons learned. We value partnerships where these can be shared without judgement.


• We feel a calling to run our businesses with an intentional lens on how our actions impact the community. The human element of everything we do is most important. Employees are the backbone of every business.
• We believe that providing a culture of honest multidirectional communication with employees, customers and owners creates a community environment that facilitates growth and progress toward our mutual goals.
• We will do whats right for the community. We will not move your business or make hasty or ill-willed decisions for the sake of a dollar.