We are a Minnesota-based family investment firm partnering with business owners and families to build a strategy that helps preserve their legacies.
Chace Equity is a Minnesota-based, operationally minded family investment firm focused on making long-term investments in small and medium size privately-owned Midwest businesses. We are exclusively focused on investing our own capital in privately held businesses. Chace Equity traces its roots to a long history of entrepreneurship, family business ownership, and direct company operating experience.
Welcome! What brought you here today?
I’m a Business Owner:
• I want to grow my business so that I am in a position to sell it one day. I need capital for equipment, or to hire employees, or for R&D.
>>> We can provide you with the required capital.

• I need a partner who can help me think through a strategy to take my business to the next level.
>>> We can be that partner. We have invested in and/or managed numerous companies in an array of industries.

• I want to spend more time fishing and golfing, and if I’m honest, just looking to spend more time with my family.
>>> We can create a succession plan that works for you.

• My family or business partners have lost interest in the business and are not as passionate as they once were.
>>> We can provide buyout capital and a strategic partnership to navigate a better path forward.

• I want to sell my business to my kids or company management, but they do not have the capital to purchase the company outright.
>>> We can provide liquidity to exiting owners and guidance and support to the next generation of leadership.

I’m a Business Manager or Executive:
• I do a lot of the work and get little of the long-term upside.
>>> We can partner with you to help buyout the business owner(s) by learning your story and devising a plan that works for all parties.
I’m a Business Intermediary:
• The seller or potential client I represent doesn’t want to sell his or her business to a large private equity firm or strategic acquirer.
>>> We provide long-term capital including the benefits that come with it. We pride ourselves on having a deep respect for the people we do business with Period.
If we haven’t hit on why you’re here, let us know - info@chaceequity.com.
"Our favorite holding period is forever."
- Warren Buffett